Gain an edge on your opponent with the most detailed breakdowns in MMA


Best breakdowns in the game. Very detailed and diligent.


Aalon Cruz, UFC Lightweight

A must-have for any fighter. Kevin has a keen eye for detail and gives you everything you need to know about your opponent to prepare for the fight. 

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Billy Quarantillo, UFC Featherweight


Matt Arroyo, former UFC Welterweight, ADCC gold medalist

Kevin’s reports are clear, precise, and extremely detailed. As a full-time coach, they are a tremendous time-saver and allow you to know everything about the opponent without putting in the time yourself. 

My Services

Basic Breakdown $100

Basic evaluation of your opponent’s skills, tendencies, habits, and general metagame. You will receive a written breakdown with highlight videos of key moments for you and your coaches to go over. Great for short notice fights!

Advanced Breakdown $250

A more detailed evaluation including multiple game plans tailored to you and your opponent. Highlights and tagged moments of every fight along with personal links to all footage available on them. Instead of just studying the opponent, I will study you as well to make this as specific as possible because every fighter and fight is different.

Ultimate Breakdown $500​

The ultimate scouting package and the most detailed breakdowns in MMA! If you want to know every single detail about your opponent and have plenty of time to prepare, this is for you. Breakdowns of every fight using Dartfish 360 S software, the program favored by professional teams around the world. Fighting is the most subjective sport on earth so each report will be drastically different and specific to you and the opponent. All fights will be watched over at least 3 times. The first watch is casual as I get my own recording of the fight and get a general idea of the opponent. The 2nd is more detailed where I take notes and start formulating game plans specific to you. The third watch is at half speed where I'm looking for small details in every exchange to figure out why and how certain things are happening and how we can exploit or avoid them. Contact for an example of a full report.

Boxing Gloves

“Tactic if for the intelligent

  who’s a step ahead of his opponent


He uses his brains in a fight

  while another cant see the light


He varies his tactic with each foe,

  With punches and kicks thrown high and low


He studies his opponent with care

  and fights with judgment and dare. 


Tactic alone cant ensure success;

  Attitude is part of the process


A fighter with great confidence

  Plans his encounter with good sense.” 

- Bruce Lee