I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and have been obsessed with combat sports for my entire life. My passion started with professional wrestling as a kid, but when I saw the real thing years later, my passion quickly transferred to MMA. As a chubby kid training to lose weight, I knew early on that fighting wasn’t for me but I found myself getting more and more fascinated by the science and details that go into hand to hand combat. I became obsessed and tried to learn everything I could. Watching instructionals in my downtime, reading old martial arts books, and even writing a school paper on Jack Dempsy's Championship Fighting which didn’t go over so well. Sorry Mrs. Stewart. 

My love for the technique and science that goes into fighting led me to start writing breakdowns on my favorite fighters. The first one I ever wrote was a terrible piece over Carlos Condit that I still can’t look at today without cringing. But it was a start. I loved watching over fights multiple times, figuring out why and how things were happening, and figuring out ways my favorite fighters could beat these guys. 


Eventually, I started writing for Sherdog and at the time there was nothing more satisfying than getting paid to write about what I loved. But I wanted more and knew I could take these breakdowns to another level. So I took a chance. I messaged a few fighters I knew from doing interviews and although most rejected me, two decided to take that chance. Those fighters were Aspen Ladd and Aalon Cruz. Neither had any reason to reply to my odd request to breakdown their next opponent but they did and couldn’t have been nicer about it. I offered to breakdown their opponents for free and all I wanted in return was to know if it actually helped. I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say I was doubtful and to my surprise at the time they loved it.


This was the moment I not only knew I could do this, but also the moment I knew what I was doing was the future of the sport. Every other major sport in the world uses high-level video analysis to prepare for opponents and work on their own weaknesses but it’s relatively new to MMA and there’s not specialized coaches for those things like there are in other sports. But I’m here to change that. Not only do I want to help fighters prepare for their opponents, but I also want fighters to see the benefits of having someone like me on their team and hopefully MMA will eventually have full-fledged scouting and video analysis departments like the NFL or NBA.